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Our Origins

Hello there!

When we found out we were expecting a boy, my wife and I were thrilled to begin the hunt for fun, hip clothing and accessories for him. We found TONS of clothes, but when it came to modern headwear, we came up short; only finding items that he'd eventually have to grow into in a few years. Sure, there were some cheaply made hats that would fit him early on. But if I wouldn’t wear it, why should he?

That’s where the idea of Dexter Avenue Hat Co. was born! Rather than just “waiting it out”, why don’t we just create our own high quality snapbacks that he can rock early on?

After a lot of brainstorming and hard work, we are proud to open our online shop and share these hip and modern snapback hats with you. Dexter Avenue designs are unisex and the style is inspired by a modern/hip lifestyle. Our goal is to create trendy, durable, and high quality hats for awesome babies and toddlers! We plan to expand our design selection and sizing as we grow.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our site. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Have a great day,